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In the last few years, we have become experts in ICF(insulated concrete form) construction.
ICF Homes offer many advantages over standard construction methods.

ICF WALLS ARE ENERGY EFFICIENT: ICF walls perform at an R-50 due to solid mass of concrete
which serves as a heat sink, coupled with the 5" of EPS foam insulation and the lack of air
infiltration. Accordingly, you can save up to 50% or more on your heating and cooling bills over stick
built homes.

ICF HOMES ARE ENVIROMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Be satisfied in knowing that solid core ICF homes are
built using inert, Non-toxic concrete that is manufactured locally. Building a 2,000 sq/ft home with
ICF walls can save up to 47 trees and the fire retardant insulating foam is CFC free.

ICF WALLS REDUCE INSURANCE PREMIUMS: Get the financial benefits of lower insurance permiums.
Insurance companies classify ICF walls as Masonry Structures, offering owners up to a 20%
discount on insurance premiums.

ICF WALLS ARE AFFORDABLE: ICF homes are priced very competitively with traditional stick built
homes. And when you take into account all the additional benefits they have, the true value of ICF
structures simply can't be matched.

ICF WALLS ARE STRONG: ICF walls are able to withstand F4 tornados and Category 5 hurricane
force winds. A typical ICF wall can stop a wooden 2 x 4 flying at 100 mph.

ICF WALLS ARE FIRE RESISTANT: ICF walls have a fire rating of up to 4 hours. Wood has no
practical fire rating. ICF can also be used to make walls that meet noncombustible standards for
commercial construction.

ICF WALLS ARE PEST PROOF: Concrete walls are impenetrable to pests - such as termites, roaches,
ants and rodents - that typically reside in stick built walls.

ICF WALLS ELIMINATE WOOD ROT: The typical electrical box opeing in a stick built wall will absorb
7.5 gallons of water each year through air leakage. The solid core walls of ICF homes lack wood to
damage and elininate air infiltration.

ICF WALLS ELIMINATE MOLD GROWTH: Most mold and mildew problems are caused by moisture.
Again, the solid core walls of ICF homes eliminate air infiltration so there is no moisture to feed the
growth of molds and bacteria. Moreover, ICF walls contain no food source needed to support mold

ICF WALLS ARE SOUND DAMPENING: The solid concrete walls of ICF homes help block outside noise
making your homes more peaceful and relaxing. ICF walls can reduce unwanted outside noise by up
to 87% compare to stick built walls.

ICF WALLS ARE DRAFT FREE: Enjoy the comfort of a perfect enviroment - The solid core walls of
ICF homes eliminate air infiltration through the wall and virtually eliminate hot and cold spots.

ICF STRUCTURES ARE BEAUTIFUL: While the ICF walls are made of sturdy concrete, the design can
take on any style you desire. When finished, ICF homes look no different than stick built homes -
except that with ICF walls, inferior and crooked lumber is no longer a worry. You're ICF walls will be
straighter, stronger and more durable than stick built walls could ever be.